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Telefónica Flagshipstore

About the project

Telefónica is one of the world's leading Telecommunications companies, enjoying its position of privilege thanks to its presence in more than 24 countries and regions. Telefónica gets closer to its customers, improving people's quality of life, facilitating business development and contributing to the progress of the communities and countries where it works, offering them innovative services centred on information and communication technology.

The values of this great company can be summarised by: innovation, converting technology into something easy to understand and use; competitiveness, since it isn't satisfied with past achievements and aspire to become global leaders in Telecommunications; openness, because it operates in a clear, transparent way and is accessible to all through dialogue; committed, which it proves to be when it follows through on its promises, and reliable, what it cals the combination of dependability and trust.

Quality, innovation, modernity, competitiveness and leadership capabilities are qualities shared by Telefónica and Cosentino. The leading telecommunications company has chosen the leading brand in quartz surfaces for the remodelling of their flagship Madrid store, valuing the design and quality of the Grupo Cosentino´s materials.

  • LocationMadrid, Spain
  • Date2010-03-24