Kitchen Claddings

The Silestone characteristics are a perfect mix of design and durability that make it so suitable for cladding in areas of intense use such as kitchens, bathrooms, commercial areas and hotels etc.

When you create a building, it deserves to be dressed with a material that highlights its style, it will be around for many years and enjoy thousands of admiring glances. There is just one material for such cladding

Why Silestone is perfect for kitchen claddings?

U Silestone is a non-porous surface, resistant to daily products stains.
Q To clean up kitchens, we use chemical products that don't alter Silestone over the years.
R Its highly impact resistance allows you to handle any object in your kitchen with absolute tranquility.
Cosentino offers its clients a 25-year warranty in all Silestone bathroom countertops.

Kitchen Wallings

The creativity of Silestone allows possibilities that inspire design throughout the kitchen, from countertops to floors to backsplashes and tiles. A thread of material that creates unique designs in your homes.

The kitchen walls provide personality to a space in which we spend so much time each day and where inspiration is found in any corner. The tranquil and harmonious environment and visiual delight can get anyone creating amazing dishes!

Kitchen Wallings

Kitchen Floorings

The durability and resistance of Silestone®outplays the wear and tear of highly used flooring. Low porosity and easy maintenance make it perfect for high-traffic areas.

The characteristics of Silestone can resist the wear and tear and stay as good as the first day.

Kitchen Floorings
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